Friday, August 1, 2008

Advance Copy

I did an interview with a swell chap by the name of Kenyon for the blog Advance Copy, and they posted it today.

Click here to read it

The interview was a total pleasure to do, so much so that I sent this message along with my answers (which Kenyon was too modest to post):

This is literally the best set of questions I have ever been asked in an interview. It's almost as though you've interviewed bands before, acquired a sense of humour, got smart, learned to enjoy music, listened to our record, did research, then tried to think of original questions, specific to us.

That said, he did edit out one of my more "charming" moments in the last question (the line about Burger king):

For serious, before you play a show what are you thinking about? Do you ever think, "oh man I am totally gonna rock the hell out tonight"?

It depends on the show. Sometimes I'm thinking "oh god, I hope I don't fuck up," sometimes I'm thinking "we're going to crush these people with volume," sometimes I'm thinking "fuck this place, I want to destroy it," and sometimes I'm thinking "I wish I didn't eat that double stacker from Burger King, I'm going to barf."

Ps Look for "Japan - Day 3" early next week.

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