Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Japan - Day Two

Our first real day in Japan was to start with a little history lesson. After grabbing some Onigiri and a couple cans of Suntory Boss from the store, Hiromi and his crew (the guy really does seem to run things in Niigata) took us out to a five hundred year old castle. It made me feel embarrassed about Casa Loma.

Later that day came the real reason we were here: to rock out and stuff. The show was beyond description, compared to what we're used to in Canada. As soon as we walked in the joint kids actually got excited, blurted out our names, giggled and ran away. I felt like I was in Boys 2 Men. Hiromi DJed a super eclectic set of music (like, Refused would be right next to Ride) and the kids danced to all of it.

While we were playing the energy in the room was amazing. Kids were all singing along, even to the songs I don't really know the words to. One of my all time favourite shows.

After we played was pretty mind blowing as well. Some of the kids brought us gifts, like bottles of sake, just to thank us for coming. I would like this custom to start in Canada as soon as possible, possibly with cold hard cash. We also signed a billion CDs and took a trillion photos with people. Gosh!

Luckily Rashomon was there to take us down a few notches. They play traditional Japanese instruments but end up sounding like the most intense doom metal (no matter how I try to describe it, it sounds cheesy ... but trust me, it's not in the least). It was incredible. Totally rad guys too. We hung out and talked about hardcore records after they played.

After the show was over, backstage was a sweet party that I didn't want to end -- drinking booze drinks, making new friends, learning some new words -- but we were leaving the next morning at seven. In the morning. In the a.m. Oh boy.

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