Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Japan - Day One

Leaving for the airport in the morning was all about nerves. I don't think any of us were all that happy with the idea of a twelve hour flight, not to mention the initial detour to Chicago. At least O'Hare was pretty neat looking.

After about 19 hours of travel (leaving us both feeling and looking pretty ragged) we arrived at Narita airport in Japan. We couldn't have been happier to see the faces of Ricky and Kenji (you'll hear a lot more about them later), but were kinda sad that we still had a five hour drive ahead of us to Niigata.

One thing that did help the drive, however, is that fact that you can drink in a vehicle in Japan as long as you aren't the driver. I'm not saying that I want that to become the case in Toronto or anything (I ride a bike here and almost get killed enough times on a daily basis as it is), but a nice tall Sapporo made things a whole bunch smoother for us.

We got to Niigata and met up with Hiromi, the kind man who put our show together at Junkbox Mini. We loaded in, took some photos, bought some beer, checked into our hotel, watched a little Japanese TV and went out for dinner.

Ricky and Kenji fed us rad foods and even radder sake, which made us feel like a million yen (about ten thousand Canadian bucks). Then Derek got all crunky on us. After that, it was bed time for the tired Canadian lads.

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