Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bishop Morocco

Since I seem to love talking about myself so much on here, I thought I might as well tell you kids about the band Bishop Morocco. My friends Jake Fairley (ex-Uncut and current techno superstar) and James Sayce (who was in The Deadly Snakes and Tangiers) decided to live in Gronigen and make a record. Said record is really good and will be coming out on Hand Drawn Dracula sometime in the near future.

They asked me to (or maybe I forced them to let me) play some guitar in the live version of the band, which is now the three of us and a big dancehall style soundsystem in lieu of a drummer.

We're playing for the first time on July 11 at Whipper Snapper in Toronto. Although I'm quite nervous about it, I still want you to come out and see us play.

Monday, June 22, 2009


I used to have a regular Tuesday night with my friend Greg where we played records and drank beers at Sweaty Betty. Lots of people seemed to like it and it was fun to do. Well, we're doing the same thing again, except this time it's on Monday nights and it's at Red Light.

You should come out sometime.