Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bishop Morocco

Since I seem to love talking about myself so much on here, I thought I might as well tell you kids about the band Bishop Morocco. My friends Jake Fairley (ex-Uncut and current techno superstar) and James Sayce (who was in The Deadly Snakes and Tangiers) decided to live in Gronigen and make a record. Said record is really good and will be coming out on Hand Drawn Dracula sometime in the near future.

They asked me to (or maybe I forced them to let me) play some guitar in the live version of the band, which is now the three of us and a big dancehall style soundsystem in lieu of a drummer.

We're playing for the first time on July 11 at Whipper Snapper in Toronto. Although I'm quite nervous about it, I still want you to come out and see us play.

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