Thursday, August 7, 2008

Japan - Day Three

We left for Tokyo at seven in the morning, which sucked, but what ruled is that a bunch of people from the show were waiting outside to say goodbye to us. How nice is that?

The five hour drive from Niigata to Tokyo wasn't the best hangover remedy that I've ever come across, but on the way we did discover the amazing fast food chain Mos Burger, which, despite the name, is one tasty place. I will happily trade all of the McDonalds in Toronto for just a couple Mos Burgers.

We got to Toyko, dropped our stuff off at the hotel, did soundcheck, then wandered around Shibuya for a bit. It was like sensory overload after the relative quiet of Niigata. Chris made a new friend, with a new face, at a place called Baby Doll (it's totally not the same thing as the one in Toronto).

After some really good Thai food, we hung out at the hotel then went back to O-Nest for an interview with Crossbeat. Things were weird for a bit when then asked us about Toronto bands that we like. I think when we said Fucked Up, it made them feel fucked up. I guess they thought that was a bit too punk rock for us, and the interview focused on that for a while. Overall, it was a good interview and very thorough.

O-Nest is a really great venue. There’s a bar with floor to ceiling windows where you hang out, then you walk down an outdoor staircase to get to the venue, which is plain old fantastic. Good sound, lighting, decent band rooms and great staff all seem standard in Japan, even in smaller venues.

We took some photos with a pretty rad guy named Jun. We were feeling pretty scrapey from jet lag and no sleep at this point, so I’m not sure how well they’ll turn out.

Anyhow, we watched some of the other bands on the bill, who were all really good, then we played a rock show really loudly and then we drank with some nice Australian folks we met. They’re everywhere, no joke.

We capped off the night with some late food at a place that looked really mobbed out to me. It was delicious. It also featured a vertigo inducing glass elevator that smelled like pee pee. On the way home, Jon found his namesake restaurant.

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Derek Tokar said...

I look like I'm in the act of hurling in those live shots!

Remember when we decided to eat at Jonathan's a couple of days later? Worst restaurant ever!!! Good one Jon.