Monday, August 11, 2008

Japan - Day Five

Now that we were done playing shows, we could get down to business and act like tourists. We started out in Shinjuku, which was a little too Yorkville meets Yonge Street for our tastes (although Chris did manage to spend another wad of cash in Disk Union). We saw a lot of nice bikes that were, for the most part, unlocked or free locked. It blew my mind that in a city of 13 million you don't have to worry about having your bike stolen.

After Shinjuku lost its allure, we hopped on the train and went to Harajuku and Shibuya, which was way more our speed. Chris bought his dog a kimono. Sick!

We went back to the hotel after not being able to get a seat at any of the bars in the Golden Gai (which was a disappointment, but predictable -– it’s a row of tiny bars that hold between four and twelve people each) and grabbed some beers on the way. They come in all sizes!

Then, after a quick recoup, we went to a darts bar in Naka Meguru (where our hotel was). This might sound lame, but it was awesome. Electronic darts games, amazing bar food (nachos where the chips were made from fried cheese, plates of chorizo and so much more) and drunken salarymen. The part where Jon kept winning all the games (and our money) sucked though. I can’t believe we didn’t take any photos while we were there.

Speaking of things we didn’t take photos of, we went and got some tacos after from a tiny little Mexican place. They were awesome, which was a pretty great surprise.

Chris and I went to bed, but Jon and Derek decided to go to a bar that was basically in someone’s apartment. It held maybe fifteen people. I think it was called Sex Gorilla, but I’m not sure. Guess what they forgot to take pictures of?

All the upcoming posts will feature lots of photos, I swear. We learned our lesson.

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