Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Japan - Day Seven

We decided to get out Tokyo for a bit and see something a bit less urban. We hopped on a train and went out to Kamakura, which used to be the capital of Japan.

Kamakura is mostly known for its temples, shrines and the beach. It’s a popular daytrip for Japanese folks. We went and saw Tsurugaoka Hachiman-gū, which is considered the most important shrine in Kamakura (by our English guide books, so take that for what you will). It was quite beautiful, and a nice relaxing break from the madness of Tokyo.

We walked down the road to smaller shrine, stopping in a little café (which was basically a woman’s house) along the way.

Chris and I decided to go see the Daibutsu, which is basically a giant statue of Buddha. It was awe-inspiring. You can actually go inside the statue, which inspired my awe even more.

Derek and Jon went to the beach. While they were there they found a pretty hilarious sand sculpture.

After a day in the country, we were excited to go see our label-mates Lillies and Remains play at Shibuya Plug. Another awesome venue, and the band was rad too.

We met a nice young woman (who was carrying around a stuffed animal) at the show who liked our band, but had missed us at O-Nest. Our fan base includes plushies I guess.

As was becoming tradition, we went for a late night meal with Ricky. Again, the food was great.

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