Friday, August 8, 2008

Japan - Day Four

Chris and I woke up early and went out to Shibuya to check out some record stores and had our first encounter with Disk Union (the first of many for Chris). Holy shit! It’s floors and floors in multiple buildings of awesome records, all organized by someone with severe OCD. And this was just the Shibuya location ... there’s another in Shinjuku.

We also tried out the teriyaki burger at McDonalds. Wow, it’s gross. The melon soda was pretty good though. After that, we went to a few guitar shops, which made us wish we were rich. 1960 Jazzmaster in mint condition? Sure, I would love one.

We got back to the hotel, grabbed our gear and took the train out to Kashiwa. It’s sort of like York Region.

Drunkard’s Stadium is a great venue ... it was designed by a recording engineer and features doors that look like they were taken from a submarine. Weirdly, the sound guy lived in Toronto for a while and used to work at the Reverb from time to time. After soundcheck we went for some noodles and gyoza, which like almost everything else that we put in our mouths in Japan, were really good.

Back at the venue we had a small bowing in ceremony between all the bands. It was a nice way to meet and pay your respects to everyone else on the bill. We also met some of our new best friends, a band called Wicked. They were, in fact, wicked guys.

The show itself was fun times. It sounded amazing on stage and Derek tackled Jon at the end of the set. Afterwards, we took the subway back to the hotel. Gross.

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