Saturday, July 20, 2013

Infinite Repeats: Full Album Stream

The rumours are true—we really have released a new album! Infinite Repeats is now fully streaming on our Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages—so go check it out! You can also purchase it at all your favourite digital outlets, including iTunes.


Josh L. said...

Hey guys, ive been listening to your music for at least 5 years now and i gotta say im still in love :)
im a true fan and i was wondering is the new album on spotify??

Derek said...

Hey Josh,
Thanks for writing, we really appreciate hearing from you.

With regards to Spotify, just from doing a web search, it appears that Infinite Repeats is available on the site. Unfortunately I can't verify 100% because Spotify isn't available to us up here in Canada at this point. I'd say give it a search and you'll probably find it.

Good luck!