Monday, September 26, 2011

Young Pioneers

Here's Young Pioneers, give it a listen: Young Pioneers by uncut


Anonymous said...

Love all of your stuff, and in that vein, I'm wondering how to get a hold of "This Empire" and "To the White Light." I know they were on the Japanese release of 'Modern Currencies,' but is there any way of buying/downloading those tracks without buying that entire record again?

Derek said...

Hello Anonymous,
I'm really not sure where you can find those songs at this point. I checked iTunes Japan but they don't seem to have the bonus tracks listed.

My suggestion would be to send us an email at the address listed on this blog and if I come up with any other ideas or solutions I'll communicate them to you via email.

Sound Good?

Anonymous said...

I love your music people. Waiting for you to come to Barcelona... Any plans?


Derek said...

Hey—thanks for writing! I was actually in Barcelona around this time last year (well, early November)—awesome city. The Sagrada Familia blew my mind.

As for the band, we would obviously LOVE to tour in Europe, but we won't be able to do anything like that until our new record comes out... so it's going to be a little while before we start planning any touring. I'm sure we'll make a push to finally play over there when the time is right though.

Best regards.

Johnny said...

eight years is a *really* long time.

'modern currencies' and 'those who were hung' are always duking it out on my iPod. such different sounds for such different moods. i'm the type to play albums in totality, from start to finish. i had originally found MC to lag a little bit towards the end, but i've come to appreciate 'prison song' quite a bit... TWWH was so good that it took me a solid two years before i realized how much ass it kicked. the songs were so glittering and brilliant that i couldn't look them straight in the face at first.

dude, i discovered you boys right when the video for 'the new violence' was released. i was 16! so hard to believe. i actually grew up with uncut. hazy summer sunsets, walking home from my first job. wow. this is real.

i have a very small CD collection, and both of your albums are there, in perfect condition.

seriously! i listen to you guys a lot. you're right up there with nine inch nails, beck and matthew good in my books. i was happy that pitchfork was so generous and positive with their reviews.

when i bought 'those who were hung', there was a sticker on it comparing you to interpol. that kind of irked me a little because i've always thought of uncut as being quite a unique sound.

i'm deaf to newer artists... and yet i'm still waiting for number three from you guys. take your time, but hurry up, please!

Derek said...

Thanks so much for your letter, it's really great to hear from people who care about our music—and it's nice to hear that you have hazy nostalgic memories that are soundtracked by our tunes.

I know it has been a long time since Modern Currencies was released, and I think we all wish it hadn't taken so long for us to proceed with the next record, but unfortunately that's just the way it worked out. The good news is that the record is finished, and to be honest I think that this new album is better than it would've been if we had recorded it 4 years ago, simply because we had more time to distill and evolve.

We're not sure exactly when it will be released, but it will be, and I think you're going to like it a lot. With any luck it just may be the soundtrack to the memories that you make next summer.

All the best,