Thursday, April 16, 2009

Your Uncut Urban Planner

Friday April 17: We're playing at The Boat (in Kensington Market) at 10:30 pm. It's PWYC ... we're hoping that you can pay $1,000, but we'll settle for $5.

Saturday April 18: It's Record Store Day! Head on over to your favourite record store (in Toronto I suggest Frantic City or Rotate This, but that's just me) and buy some stuff. If you live in the UK you should go buy the Darkhorse EP on sweet 7" vinyl (actually, you should buy five copies and mail four of them to us).

1 comment:

Derek Tokar said...

1) Someone please pay $1000 to see us tonight, but only if you can afford it. Actually, if you can afford that and you like us enough to pay that, then maybe you'd consider being our exclusive patron? We could move our jam space into your mansion and write songs exclusively for you. We would gladly perform them at private functions held in your ballroom. Invite only, just your friends and such of course.

2) Yes, someone from the UK please send us some copies of our 7"!