Wednesday, February 25, 2009

History Lesson -- Jake Fairley 101

When Uncut first started out, it was just me on bass and my friend Jake Fairley playing guitar and singing. We were using a collection of samplers, drum machines and computers at various points to provide drums and some keyboard parts, trying to come up with a mix of minimal techno and post-punk in the Joy Division vein. (As a small point of pride, this was before both "House of Jealous Lovers" and Interpol. Just saying is all.)

We put out a couple of 12"s in Germany (see pics below) that I think might have been well received (but I don't speak German, so I'm just going to go ahead and assume that people liked them) and had plans to release our first full length on Paper Bag ... but this would never be. You see, this whole time Jake was making techno records on his own and had started living on-and-off in Berlin while he was touring Europe. He eventually decided to not move back to Toronto, so we broke up, but only in the band sense, not in the friend sense.

Since then, Uncut has obviously been a different thing entirely.

So, what is Jake up to these days, you may find yourself asking ... he's still making the techno (doing quite well at it in fact) and living in Amsterdam. I've included some clips for your listening/viewing pleasure. You can also listen to more on his Myspace page.

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