Friday, June 27, 2008


We opened for Swervedriver at Lee's Palace during North by Northeast. It was our first show in months, which led to some pre-show jitters. Luckily, they were serving this thing called beer at the show, which fixed us right up.

Anyhow, even though he doesn't like us, the lovely chap at the excellently named Chromewaves posted some pictures of us rocking out. Click the one below (of me breaking my knee) to see the whole set.

Chart Attack also reviewed us as part of their report card system. We got an 82, which doesn't suck. Next year we hope to improve our marks for footwear.

Anyhow, Aisha said this about us:

This was obnoxiously loud indie rock with no reservations or pretension. Three chords, no solos, and everybody shreds like it's the last song they'll ever play.

Weird. We have guitar solos in almost every song.

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